About Us

The business was started in 2002 by the co-directors Larry Adams, a successful property developer and entrepreneur, and Marcus Quinn, a highly experienced website designer and project manager.

In 2003 Jamie McKenzie joined the business to manage the technical development of the business; followed by Ross Golder, managing the server systems administration, development and data structure.

Agent Design employs now over 30 staff. With 2 directors, 4 managers, 5 full-time developers and system administrators, 5 designers, 3 copywriters, 5 administrators and a significant number of part-time and occasional staff – so clients can be sure that we have the experience and availability to deliver solutions on-time and to an agreeable budget.

The company mission has always been to employ a specialist team to provide expert services for businesses and organisations in Jersey, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

We aim to attract and retain people with the creative and technical skills to produce high-quality professional work, and the business acumen to make our services affordable and accountable with delivery of measurable results.

To do this we have grown the company by employing the most enthusiastic, creative and technical minds, and nurturing their development as they keep abreast of the latest styles, trends and technologies – so the advice we can give keeps clients at the forefront of their industries is based on the latest industry-leading best-practices.

The team love a challenge, so if you have a creative or technical project and you don’t know who to call… you can call Agent Design!